Pan statue on the grounds of Chatsworth House, in North Derbyshire, England.

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A Shieldmaiden was a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior in Scandinavian folklore and mythology. They are often mentioned in sagas such as Hervarar saga and in Gesta Danorum. Shieldmaidens also appear in stories of other Germanic nations: Goths, Cimbri, and Marcomanni.The mythical Valkyries may have been based on the shieldmaidens. x

Her. Just her.

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Its one thing to bail and give a heads up its an entirely different thing to be 4 hours late no phone call or.message and have the excuse “I got lost and am drinking with some random dude I mets garage* right… Impression made.




big puffy gorgeous ridiculous like what the fuck are you

It’s a manul, aka Pallas cat, aka wild lumploaf and they are basically the best and most ridiculous big puffy gorgeous ridiculouses in the world.

I’ll take 10

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What do you mean, vet’s office? YOU SAID WE WERE GOING TO THE PHILHARMONIC!

i’ve reblogged this at least seven times and i don’t regret any of them

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a majestic stealthy cold blooded killer

I don’t know how to tiger. 

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